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My name is Terri Baker and I am the author of all the offered guidebooks and reports. I have been going to the Hocking Hills of Ohio for over five decades. My father bought a little cabin in the woods when I was a little girl and I am the second generation to own it. I have always been the family tour director when we get away for the weekend or take a vacation in the Hocking Hills. I have been a Volunteer Travel Counselor at the Hocking Hills Tourism Association since 1996. I continually update my knowledge of the Hocking Hills by being involved with this organization.

People often ask me how I got to know so much about this area. Well, I love to read and have a natural curiosity and I ask a lot of questions. Since I love the area so much, I have an ongoing quest to learn as much as I can about it. This is why I decided to write about the Hocking Hills. I love it, I know a thing or two about it, and there are folks out there who are just finding out about it or who want to learn more.

About the Guidebook

My first venture into writing about the Hocking Hills was a nine part basic guide to the Hocking Hills. This guidebook is a natural extension to that basic guide. This is a tell-everything-I-know version of the Hocking Hills. If you have received and read the basic nine part guide, I took a lot of those articles as my core for this. I added new ideas that may have originally missed out on being in the shorter, early version.

As the Hocking Hills area changes, this guidebook will grow and expand right along with it. I hope you enjoy reading this guidebook as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have some great trips to the Hocking Hills!


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