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Laurelville Fruit Company

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Laurelville Fruit Company

Yesterday I bought some Georgia peaches at the Laurelville Fruit Company. This is an unusual fact because I look forward to purchasing their peaches from their own orchards. But I was told by the owner that Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania all lost their peaches this year due to the bad weather that we had this past winter. I really didn’t care where the peaches came from because every year this is the only place I buy my peaches from. I missed them opening up and was glad they were able to locate some peaches even if they weren’t their own.

When I came home there was the latest issue of “Country Living” magazine which is the official publication of my electric coop. I always look through it because they usually have articles about local places that are of interest to me. The August 2014 issue had and Ohio Icon article by Damaine Vanada about the exact place I had just been to purchase my peaches. I will share some of the facts that I never knew about the Laurelville Fruit Company.

George Bowers purchased 30 acres in 1911 north of Laurelville and planted apple trees on it and sold them locally where I purchased my peaches at the “Apple House”. He and his son Robert Bowers planted 1000’s more apple and peach trees and made apple cider as well. Robert, Jr. began running the business in 1980 and introduced cider slushies. I had one in October when I bought some apples – it as very cold, icy and delicious.

 This orchard has become a family tradition because my parents made sure to stop and buy apples or peaches every time they were in Laurelville. The apples, peaches, cider and slushies have become so popular that many people drive the extra miles to get these tasty home-grown specialties.

I just studied this spring and became an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist for the Hocking Hills region and we did study the geology of the area. When Robert Bowers, Jr. makes the statement that “the Hocking Hills were unglaciated and the soil is fertile. Apples just taste better here and so do the peaches” he is making a true statement about the Hocking Hills. And I can attest to the taste factor. I am and always will be a loyal customer.

When the weather cooperates they grow three varieties of peaches, 20 different kinds of apples including Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, Winesap and Melrose which is the tasty state apple of Ohio. Grandpa’s original 1925 cider press is still used to make some of the best apple cider around. According to this article apples will be in the Apple House on August 1st. I can’t wait!

The Laurelville Fruit Company is located at 16181 Pike Street in Laurelville – actually they are right on Route 56 that goes through the middle of town. They are open August 1st through December 24th from 8 am to 5 pm daily. For more information call 740-332-2621. Also, you can check out the Hocking Hills Tourism Association’s Laurelville location. It is the log cabin right next to the Apple House. You can pick up a visitor’s guide and maps for the state parks while you are there. Then it is just another nine miles to South Bloomingville and four more miles to Ash Cave State Park which is my favorite park in the Hocking Hills. Next time you are in the area don’t miss this favorite place of mine which is definitely an “Ohio Icon” in my book!

Laurelville Fruit Farm Apple List

Please check the farm's website for specific information.

Apple Varieties We Grow Description Typically Ripens
Braeburn sweet, eating, salads End of October
Cameo sweet, crisp, eating End of October
Cortland tart, baking, eating Middle of September
Fuji sweet, crisp, eating End of October
Gala sweet, eating, salads End of August
Golden Delicious sweet, eating, baking First of October
Golden Supreme sweet, eating, baking First of September
Granny Smith tart, baking, eating End of October
Honeycrisp sweet, crisp, eating First of September
Jonagold tangy, eating, baking End of September
Jonathan tart, baking, eating Middle of September
Lodi sour, pies, applesauce Middle of July
McIntosh tart, baking, eating Middle of September
Melrose sweet, eating, baking End of October
Mutsu/Crispin tangy, eating, baking Middle of October
Paulared tart, baking, eating Middle of August
Pink Lady tart, baking, eating End of October
Red Delicious sweet, eating, salads First of October
Rome baking, mild flavor Middle of October
Staymen Winesap tart, baking, eating End of October



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