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Rockbridge Antiques

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Rockbridge Antiques

  I recently had an opportunity to go looking for antiques all day with my daughter. We went to the usual places I would recommend such as Spring Street Antiques, the Logan Antique Mall, and even The Shoe Factory in Lancaster. But she has an eye for finding new places that I never have been before.


We found some of what we were looking for at all of the above but when we were on our way on US Route 33 she saw an Antique store from the highway and we made an unscheduled stop. We visited the Rockbridge Antiques store and while we shopped I asked the owner some questions. They have only been in business for eight months and business is great. He told us that each week on Facebook they post the new arrivals so you can check it out here before you arrive.


 My daughter and I were impressed with how things were organized and presented. She found some items that she was looking for in the price range she wanted and the owner even gave us a better deal than the marked price - quantity pricing so to speak. And we didn’t even have to ask for it.


 We both commented on how impressed we were with the shop when we left. It wasn’t a large place with hundreds of dealers or a tiny place but just the right size if you have a few minutes as you are coming or going from the Hocking Hills and want to check out what they have. You just never know what you might find.


 Rockbridge Antiques, Arts and Collectibles is located at 27382 Darl Road County Road 567 in Rockbridge, Ohio 43149. Their phone number is 740-385-6330.


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