E-Book Spotlight: Hocking Hills Highlights

When BuzzFeed.com announced their "22 Stunning Under the Radar Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List in 2014", the Hocking Hills was the only destination in North America to make the list!

"Hocking Hills Highlights" is a digital guidebook to the Hocking Hills of Ohio. It is complete with hundreds of website links to destinations of interest in the Hocking Hills and surrounding areas. It has instructions on how to find and book a cabin and it has several day trips using your cabin or lodging in the Hocking Hills as your base camp.

You can view it on your smart phone or tablet so you literally have everything you need to know about the Hocking Hills in the palm of your hand. Now you are ready to plan your first or next bucket list trip to the Hocking Hills!

And if you are lucky enough to live within driving distance to the Hocking Hills, you can use "Hocking Hills Highlights" to plan numerous staycations. A staycation is a new term for spending your time-off or vacation time at home or near your home. The Hocking Hills is the perfect destination for your staycation and much easier on the budget than airline tickets and foreign travel.

"Hocking Hills Highlights" has everything you need to know to plan more than one staycation to the Hocking Hills. You can plan a family staycation, a romantic getaway as a couple, or you can plan a spontaneous trip at the last minute because you now have the information with you 24/7 and can make your plans when it is convenient for you.

They say knowledge is power. "Hocking Hills Highlights" gives you the knowledge you need to know the Hocking Hills of Ohio. There are more than three million visitors that come to the Hocking Hills annually to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

I highly recommend coming every season of the year to witness the spectacular seasonal changes for yourself. You won't be disappointed because the Hocking Hills is the best stress reliever I have ever found! So get out there and explore the Hocking Hills for yourself so you can mark it off your bucket list!

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The Hocking Hills Insider website also designed by Terri Baker has lots of free information about the Hocking Hills of Ohio. It has excerpts from two Hocking Hills guidebooks and a free monthly Calendar page with photos from her personal collection.  

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September 9, 2016
"Get Back to Nature" is an adult coloring book inspired by the Hocking Hills. 

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