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Pinterest Board - Gifts for Hikers

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Pinterest Board - Gifts for Hikers

I have been invited by Pinterest to create a board for holiday gift giving for hikers which I call simply “Gifts for Hikers”. Here are my personal comments as to why I chose each of the gifts on this board.


FYI – These links will take you to Amazon to purchase them for yourself or others. Because you purchase them from these links I get a very SMALL percentage of your total purchase at Amazon.  It in no way raises the price you pay. I just get rewarded by Amazon for sending them to you to make a purchase. I look at it as a way to be compensated for my time to write my blog posts. Your support of this blog is GREATLY appreciated!! Anyone who has tried to make a living as a writer will understand. 


I chose the Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack, first because you can carry hot and cold food and drinks right on your back. Hike to your destination and enjoy a meal or snack while taking in the scenery. This would be a great item for parents with small children as it frees up hands to hold onto little ones so they don’t stray far off the path.


The Volcano 3 Stove Collapsible - BUNDLE KIT - Just updated is a handy item I just recently discovered. I love it because it can use 3 types of fuel to cook with: wood, charcoal and propane with an adaptor. It collapse down to 5 inches height and opens up to become a grill you can take to your campsite, a picnic table after your hike or you can even use it when the power goes out. Use your Dutch Oven and cast iron cookware on the Volcano or your Wok to stir fry a meal.


An additional accessory included in the Bundled Kit is the Lid for GrillingIt acts as a lid to keep heat in and allows you to bake some biscuits or smoke your meat with the Volcano stove. I know you can get an oven for the standard propane stove but you can’t use charcoal or firewood with it. So for my money, give me a Volcano. And at 18 pounds and fitting into a carrying case it can travel lightly in your car.


The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is another one of those must haves and I just got one for myself. Dehydration for a hiker can kill you. So once the water bottle is dry the LifeStraw can be used at any water source – a stream or even a muddy puddle. It works just like a straw but it filters out all the bad stuff and allows you to get the hydration you need. Time Magazine gave it an “Invention of the Year” award. It uses no batteries and only weighs 2 oz


The next item is a Durable AntiShock Hiking Walking Stick Pole that is Retractable and Adjustable. I like the fact that is adjustable from 26 – 53 inches and is made of lightweight aluminum metal, strong and light weight.


A comfort item is the Insect Shield Paisley Bandana. This clever bandana is designed to repel insects off humans and dogs. And in keeping with the take your dog for a hike theme: when you take your dog with you on your next hike keep him warm with his own dog hoodie and well fed with a Collapsible Dog Bowl .


Something that I just researched is geocaching because it has come to the Hocking Hills. I found this Magellan eXplorist GC Waterproof Geocaching GPS and think it would fit the bill for a great way to get introduced to geocaching.


It seems that everyone carries cell phones these days and it can’t hurt to have an Aqua-Quest 'The Mini' Waterproof Cell Phone Case to carry it in when you are hiking. I also chose a Military Prismatic Sighting Compass w/ Pouch  and ICEtrekkers Shoe Chains  for your walking shoes and boots for the winter. Getting outdoors and enjoying the outdoors on a winter hike is a sure cure for cabin fever.


I used to be a Girl Scout Leader when my girls were small. I guess I never forgot their motto, “Be Prepared”. So these next items are for “just in case” it is better to be safe than sorry. An  85 Piece First Aid Kit  is always a good thing to have in a hiking backpack. There are some great items out there now made of Mylar for emergencies: Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets in a pack of 10.  Another item to stick in a backpack is an Mylar Emergency Sleeping Bag and even a Level One Emergency Tent. All these items are inexpensive and would make great stocking stuffers for the hiker. Also in the stocking stuffer category are, Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case and 25 Stormproof Matches and a Basic Emergency Survival Fishing Kit in an Altoids can.


And what Christmas tree would be complete without some hiking ornaments. I found some really cute ones. I love the Hiking Brown Bear ornament and the Take a Hike, Miniature Wooden Sign Ornament which has a retro feel to it. And lastly the Female Hiker Personalized Christmas Ornament or boy ornament is definitely a good stocking stuffer for the  the hiking enthusiast. Another novelty gift item is the Chrome License Plate Frame "I'd Rather Be Hiking" .


Hikers Journal helps preserve the memories and a Trek Light Gear Double Hammock  (1 lb. 4 oz.) can be taken on a hike, used when camping or set up in the back yard to relax in after each hike.


Another pretty amazing item I found is “Earl”. This is a new product that hasn’t been released yet. January is the expected date. Earl is a Crowdfunded Backcountry Survival Tablet with topo maps. weather station. walkie talkie and emergency radio. 


Earl is a revolutionary tablet where style meets efficiency with Earl's intuitive design fusing Android 4.1 together with the latest in GPS. It is water/dust/shock/mud-proof allowing full submersion in 3 ft. of water for 30 minutes. 


A solar panel provides up to 20 hours of battery life. Earl charges in 5 hours in direct sunlight using high efficiency solar cells. Earl is the ultimate in providing just about everything one might need on the trails and is small enough to fit in a backpack at 7.2 inches x 4.75 inches. Wow!


And lastly don’t forget my, "The Best Kept Secrets of the Hocking Hills" book about the Hocking Hills of Southeastern Ohio.

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