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The Budget Watchers Report for the Hocking Hills

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The Budget Watchers Report for the Hocking Hills

The "Budget Watchers" report was created because of my upbringing by two parents who were raised during the depression. They taught me to be very frugal and those lessons were well learned.

I also was blessed in that they were able to buy a second home in the Hocking Hills when I was only 5 years old so my family came down every weekend when I was growing up. The only cost involved was the gas to get here and packing up some food and then we made some wonderful family memories in the Hills.

So having that upbringing, I personally find it difficult to pay over $200 a night to stay in the Hocking Hills. If I spend that kind of money I want to be on a beach somewhere next to the ocean.

So...it became my goal to find inexpensive lodging in the Hocking Hills so that anyone could come down to the Hocking Hills on a regular basis during every season of the year and enjoy the Hills on a regular basis as I did.. This "Budget Watchers" report focuses on quantity not quality. 

"The Best Kept Secrets of the Hocking Hills" was written to give you all the things to do once you get here. So by using the two together, you can come often and plan something different to do on each and every journey to the Hocking Hills. Enjoy!




Terri Baker

Your Hocking Hills Guide


Enjoy your first journey or your next journey to the Hocking Hills!!

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