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Ash Cave State Park

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Ash Cave State Park

Ash Cave State Park


Picture this: a large natural shelter cave made out of solid stone with a 90 foot waterfall running over the top of it and a “rim” trail around the upper part of it and you might be able to imagine what my favorite park in the Hocking Hills looks like. Maybe, but still seeing is believing.

Ash Cave is the largest “recess cave” in the state of Ohio. It is named for the large pile of ashes found there by the early settlers to the area and is testimony to the fact that the Shawnee and other Native Americans made use of its excellent acoustics as a meeting room and huge shelter area.

The rim spans a massive 700 feet around a sandstone horseshoe shaped area. The trail back to the cave is only a quarter of a mile and is wheel chair accessible.

Ash Cave is at the beginning or end of Grandma Gatewood's Trail that links by a hiking trail Cedar Falls and Old Man’s Cave for a 6-mile hike. It is also the end of the trail for the annual Winter Hike. 

If you have time for one park while you are in the area, don’t miss this one. I highly recommend it! Ash Cave is located on State Route 56 between State Routes 374 and 664.

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FYI - The flow of the waterfall depends on the amount of excess water from rain and melting snow. This video was taken April 2011 when I remember the roads and waterways having excess water. It doesn't flow like this on a regular basis. This amount of water is "Niagra Falls" for Ash Cave. 

This is my picture taken at the same time.

Ash Cave Spring Waterfall

This picture was taken in the winter time and shows the ice that freezes at the base and icicles form at the top. Sometimes the top and bottom actually meet.

Ash Cave During Annual Winter Hike

And this picture was taken one misty morning.

Misty Ash Cave State Park


I've been to Ash Cave hundreds of times during my lifetime and I still continue to take pictures of it because it seems like it is different every time I see it based on the time of day, weather temperatures, and atmospheric differences. I will never get tired of taking pictures of it which proves my point that the Hocking Hills are different every season of the year. 


Terri Baker

Your Hocking Hills Guide




Enjoy your first journey or your next journey to the Hocking Hills!!




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